Aimil Amynity Plus Liquid Sugar Free 200 Ml

Aimil Amynity Plus Liquid Sugar Free 200 Ml

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About Aimil Amynity Plus Liquid Sugar-Free

BRAND - Aimil 

QTY - 200 Ml

FORM - Liquid

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Aimil Amynity Plus Liquid (Sugar-Free) Strengthen Immunity & Respiratory System, Immune Health Restorative, Improves Digestion and Metabolism, Act as Powerful Adaptogen and powerful Anti-Oxidant. The syrup contains 51 powerful herbal extracts and 8 essential oils for multi-system Immune Defence.

  • It strengthens the respiratory system
  • It improves digestion and metabolism
  • It acts as powerful anti-oxidant
  • Immune Health Restorative
  • It acts as a powerful adaptogen