Aimil Amypure 100 Tablets

Aimil Amypure 100 Tablets

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About Aimil Amypure

BRAND - Aimil

QTY - 100 Tablets

FORM - Tablet

SHELF LIFE- 24 Months


AIMIL Amypure Tablet is a combination of ingredients that work together to help treat skin-related issues like reddened skin, boils, skin infections as well as swellings.

  • Helpful in treating chronic skin infections and boils
  • It is useful in treating Urticaria, which is a condition where there are welts formed on the skin that cause intensive itching
  • It is suggested for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and swelling on the skin
  • It is useful in fighting pimple breakouts and also in treating already existing ones