Haslab G.H. Phos Tonic 115 Ml

Haslab G.H. Phos Tonic 115 Ml

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About Haslab G.H.Phos Tonic 

BRAND- Haslab

QTY- 115 Ml

FORM- Liquid

SHELF LIFE- 60 Months


Haslab G.H. Phos Tonic is a palatable tonic for nervous exhaustion, depression, loss of memory, brain fog, fatigue, sleeplessness, subclinical vitamin deficiency, deformity, and exostosis of bones. It may also help cater to macrocytic and pernicious anemia, laziness, debility, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, flatulence, and constipation.

Key Ingredients:

  • Phosphoricum Acidum 1x
  • Calcium Phosphoricum 1x
  • Natrum Phosphate 1x
  • Potassium Phosphate 1x
  • Iron Phosphate 1x
  • Magnesium Phosphate 3x
  • Aurum Met 3x
  • Ferrum met 3x
  • Strych Phos 3x
  • Cinchona 1x
  • Avena Sat 1x
  • Riboflavin 3x
  • Anacardium Orientatlis 1x

Key Benefits:

  • It works as a nerve tonic and calms the nerves
  • It helps enhance memory and intelligence
  • It also works as a general tonic for anxiety and stress relief as it has antioxidant features in it
  • It helps to evade nervous exhaustion or depression.