Kudos V-1 Plus Oil 60 Ml

Kudos V-1 Plus Oil 60 Ml

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About Kudos V-1 Plus Oil 

BRAND - Kudos 

QTY - 60 Ml

FORM - Liquid

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Kudos V-1 Plus Oil is an ayurvedic oil that is highly effective for treating arthritis, inflammation, or any associated problems of arthritis. It provides significant improvement in pain and provides relief from morning stiffness. It is a purely herbal product with no side effects.

Key Ingredients:

  • Tulsi extract
  • Green tea extract

Key Benefits:

  • Relieves joint and muscular pain
  • Controls swelling and inflammation of joints
  • Reduces stiffness and tension
  • Strengthens the bones and muscle
  • Increases blood circulation in the body and helps in removing stiffness in body muscles
  • Strengthens and tones muscles