Organic India Prostate Care 60 Capsules

Organic India Prostate Care 60 Capsules

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About India Prostate Care

BRAND - Organic India

QUANTITY - 60 Capsules

FORM - Capsules

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Organic India Prostate Care Capsule supports healthy prostate and improves normal male urogenital function. Prostate Care improves urinary tract function and flow, reduces symptoms of an enlarged prostate, supports healthy PSA levels, and restores male energy.

  • Reduces the size of the prostate
  • Helps to restore the energy
  • Improves the urinary function and flow
  • Supports urinary tract function
  • Helps avoid enlarged prostate
  • Support in healthy PSA level
  • Helps to stimulate male energy
  • Supports Healthy prostate and normal male urogenital function