Sandu Pharmaceuticals Pathyadi Kadha 450 Ml

Sandu Pharmaceuticals Pathyadi Kadha 450 Ml

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About Pathyadi Kadha

BRAND - Sandu Pharmaceuticals

450 Ml


36 Months

Sandu Pathyadi kadha is one of the best ayrurvedic medicine for various types of headaches, especially migraine.
• A potent Pitta pacifying medicine, Sandu Pathyadi kadha is indicated in pitta predominant (bilious) headaches.
• Sandu Pathyadi Kadha is very beneficial in vascular headache, headache due to eyestrain, earache, eye pain, eye disorders with inflammation and vision disturbances.
• Sandu Pathyadi kadha acts by reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.
• Mild laxative action expels vitiated Pitta out of the body. It has anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties.
• Sandu Pathyadi Kadha clears sinuses and aids to get desired relief in headache due to sinusitis.