Sg Phyto Pharma Limiron Granules Pet 300 Gm

Sg Phyto Pharma Limiron Granules Pet 300 Gm

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About Limiron Granules Pet

BRAND - Sg Phyto Pharma

QTY - 300 Gm

FORM - Granules

Limiron Granules is an Ayurvedic formulation of granules for a drink, rich in Calcium, Iron micro nutrients having anabolic properties. Limiron granules contain Bhui Kohala, Shatavari, Kukkutand Tweak, and Mandoor Bhasma.

Role of key ingredients:
Bhui Kohala: Nature's energizer, promotes vitality strength, and digestive powers.
Shatavari: A nature anabolic to build up tissue strength.
Kukkutand Tweak: A rich source of calcium and micro-bhasmanutrients having anabolic properties.
Mandoor Bhasma: Provides micro-refined Iron-complex which builds up body resistance, and improves strength.

Benefits of Limiron Granules:
Promotes vitality and strength, Improves digestive powers, and overcomes debility.
Natural anabolic which replenishes strength. Provides natural calcium for building strong bones and teeth.
Enriched with Iron and micro-nutrients for generating rich red blood, body resistance muscular strength. Induces growth.

Usage: A tonic for growing children, pregnant nursing mothers, fatigued exhausted individuals, during convalescence- for fast recovery, after operations, Calcium Iron deficiency states, for healthy bones and rich blood.