Vasu Meryton Syrup 200 Ml

Vasu Meryton Syrup 200 Ml

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About Vasu Meryton Syrup

BRAND - Vasu 

FORM - 200 Ml

QTY - Liquid

SHELF LIFE 36 Months


 Meryton Syrup is a herbal syrup that contains Ashoka, Lodhara Dashmool, Shatavari Gokshura, and Guduchi. These provide phytoestrogens and nutrients, that improve the tone and overall health of the uterus. Meryton Syrup is recommended for use in menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, irregular menstrual cycles, unexplained female infertility.

Benefits of Meryton Syrup:
Rich source of phytoestrogens.
Facilitates endometrial buildup.
Reduces bleeding.
Antispasmodic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.
Checks vaginal secretions.
Regulates menstrual cycle.
Uterine tonic.
Enhances chances of conception.
Highly palatable rose flavor.

Meryton Syrup regulates the menstrual cycle. It is very useful in postpartum conditions as well as non-specific female infertility treatment.

Unexplained infertility- 10 ml twice a day till conception.
Other cases- 10 ml twice a day for 3-6 months.