Alna Biotech Velsobact 10 Tablets

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About Alna  Velsobact 10 Tablets

BRAND           -     Alna Biotech 

QUANTITY     -     10 Tablets 

FORM             -     Tablets 

SHELF LIFE     -      36 Months 


It is an herbal antibiotic not only with the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda but also with the guidelines from Ayush (the Ayurveda regulatory body). A Unique Ayurvedic Antibiotic that fights off Viral & Bacterial Infections of Upper Respiratory Tract. Herbal Anti-pyretic. Effectively brings down the Pyrexia without interfering with the natural mechanism of the body. Enriched with scientifically validated botanical extracts and micro-nutrients, it is a rational combination of scientifically proven vital phytoconstituents, immunomodulators, and antioxidants highly effective for URTI & P.U.O. It not only solves the major problem of drug resistance but also removes the painful side effects of antibiotic treatment.