Baidyanath (Jhansi) Amalki Rasayan 120 Gm

Baidyanath (Jhansi) Amalki Rasayan 120 Gm

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About Baidyanath Amalki Rasayan

BRAND - Baidyanath  (Jhansi)

QTY - 120 Gm

FORM - Powder

SHELF LIFE- 36 Months


Baidyanath Amlaki Rasyan is an effective remedy for acidity. Regular use improves vigor, vitality, and strength. Strengthen and promotes hair growth.

Baidyanath Amlaki Rasayan is basically alterative tonics.

  1. Baidyanath Amlaki Rasayan strengthens each and every part of the body due to its rejuvenating property.
  2. This medicine is not only rejuvenating but curative also.
  3. It boosts immunity and is an effective remedy for acidity.
  4. Regular use improves vigor and gives relief to diseases caused due to vitiation of any of the humor.
  5. Amalki Rasayan imparts energy
  6. It also strengthens and promotes hair growth