Baidyanath Bhringrajasava 450 Ml

Baidyanath Bhringrajasava 450 Ml

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About Bhringrajasava

BRAND - Baidyanath 


FORM - Liquid 

Baidyanath Bhringrajasava is an ayurvedic formulation used for treating seasonal colds and viral flu. It is a strong digestive aid that reduces bloating and aids the digestive process. Baidyanath Bhringrajasava treats bronchitis and catarrh. It can also take care of excessive mucus deposits in the chest and bronchial cavity.

Key Benefits:
  • The ayurvedic tonic for enhanced disease protection and general wellness
  • Used to treat emaciation and excessive tiredness
  • Helps to relieve cold, cough, and bronchitis
    • Reduces hair fall and premature greying

    Directions For Use:
    Take Baidyanath Bhringrajasava as directed by the physician.

    Safety Information:
    • A dietary nutritional supplement not for medicinal use
    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Store at a cool and dry place
    • Should be protected from direct sunlight