Baidyanath (Jhansi) Charmrogari Ointment 15 Gm (Pack of 3)

Baidyanath (Jhansi) Charmrogari Ointment 15 Gm (Pack of 3)

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About Baidyanath Charmrogari Ointment


BRAND - Baidyanath (Jhansi)

QTY - 3 x 15 Gm

FORM - Gel

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Baidyanath (Jhansi) Charmrogari Ointment is a herbal medicine that is beneficial, it is used in scabies, ulcers, and other skin diseases. Effective in allergic skin conditions, fungal and bacterial infections, and eczema.

Key Ingredients:
  • Shodhit Gandhak
  • Tuvrak Oil
Key Benefits:
  • Natural composition which can act as a remedy for allergic skin conditions
  • Used in scabies, ulcers, itching, and other skin diseases
Directions For Use:
Apply as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Store in a cool dry place