Dhootapapeshwar Ashtavarg Chyawanprash 1 Kg

Dhootapapeshwar Ashtavarg Chyawanprash 1 Kg

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Dhootapapeshwar chyawanprash (Ashtavarg) contains 951 parts each Amalaki and Sharkara, Pippali - 8 parts, Vansalochan - 16 parts and 1 part each, Dalchini, Tamalpatra, Elaichi, Nagkeshar etc, as active ingredients.

Key benefits of Dhootapapeshwar chyawanprash (Ashtavarg):
Helps in prevention of disorders by increasing immunity.
Most beneficial in disorders of Pranavaha Srotas and Jeerna vikar.

Direction for use:
Take 2 teaspoonful in morning-evening on empty stomach or as directed by the Ayurvedic doctor.

Jeerna Jwara, Jeerna Kasa, Shwasa, Rajayakshma, Dourbalya, Agnimandya, Jeerna Pratishyaya and Shukrakshaya.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach and sight of the children. Read the label carefully before use.

Use under medical supervision.