Dr. JRK's Anagen Grow Serum 100 Ml

Dr. JRK's Anagen Grow Serum 100 Ml

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About Dr. JRK's Anagen Grow Serum


QTY- 100 Ml

FORM- Liquid

SHELF LIFE- 36 Months


Hair fall is a pandemic. Across the globe in every village and town there are people who suffer from hair fall and damage. The reason for hair fall can vary from improper and nutrient-deficit diet to genetics and maintenance. Irrespective of the root cause of hair fall Anagen Grow helps improve the condition and promotes a healthy, shiny and strong hair.

This hair fall solution gel is prepared from herbs mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts as a remedy for hair and scalp problems. Many of these herbs have 5000 years of legacy in helping humanity cope up with hair fall and scalp care.

This unique formula prepared with extracts from Indian Gooseberry, Curry leaves, Henna, Indigo, Hibiscus, and False daisy in gel base is clinically proven for efficacy in reducing hair fall and improving the speed of hair growth. The manufacturer’s website gives details of studies that claim a 30% faster hair growth in just seven days amongst subjects who used Anagen Grow. Studies have also proven this gel’s efficacy in treating hair damage due to exposure to chemicals and also improves protein synthesis in the scalp.