Mankind Manforce Wild Condoms (Strawberry) 3 Pcs (Pack of4)

Mankind Manforce Wild Condoms (Strawberry) 3 Pcs (Pack of4)

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About Mankind Manforce Wild Condoms (Strawberry) 

BRAND - Mankind 

QTY - 4 x 3 Pcs

FORM - Rubber

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months

Manforce Wild strawberry is a 3-in-1 condom that contains 384 dots, 5 ribs, and 1 contour. Dots and ribs are meant to enhance female pleasure. Contour helps to maintain the proper fitting of the condom on the penis. Texture: It has a ribbed-contour-dotted structure.

Sex is fun when it is long-lasting and maximizes pleasure for you and your partner so you can relax and enjoy every moment. Fulfill your sweet fantasies with Manforce Wild 3 in 1 Condom that teases the senses with some fruity and juicy explosion of flavors. It has extra dots on the outside to intensify the experience and excite her senses enough to make her blush and glow all day. This 3-in-1 strawberry-flavored condom for males smells amazing which helps to avoid any distractions and has 384 dots, 5 ribs, and 1 contour to maximize stimulation whenever you decide to get naughty.

With a girth of 52 mm +/-2mm and a length of 180 mm, the natural latex rubber condoms by Manforce provide a better fit to unveil your wild side during sex. Each dotted condom is 100% electronically tested to ensure a high level of protection. This long-lasting condom is India’s No.1 condom, giving you the confidence of building a deep and intense connection with your partner.