Rex Remedies Araq-E-Badiyan 500 Ml (Pack  Of 2)

Rex Remedies Araq-E-Badiyan 500 Ml (Pack Of 2)

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About Rex Remedies Araq-E-Badiyan

BRAND - Rex Remedies

QUANTITY - 2 X 500 Ml

FORM - Liquid

SHELF LIFE - 12 Months

Rex Arq Badyan strengthens the liver and stomach of bilious temperament, is beneficial in intestinal ailments, checks the bilious diarrheas, and also helps to improve the appetite.
Key Ingredients:

  • Badyan (Fennel Seeds)
  • Water

Key Benefits:

  • It is used to relieve gas and indigestion and also reduces flatulence, bloating, and abdominal pain
  • It also relieves abdominal discomfort that occurs after eating food
  • It is used in the treatment of constipation
  • It helps in other stomach related problems
  • It reduces heartburn and acidity