Rhuto India Rhuto Oil 100 Ml

Rhuto India Rhuto Oil 100 Ml

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About Rhuto India Rhuto Oil 

BRAND - Rhuto India

QTY - 100 Ml

FORM - Liquid

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Rhuto oil is powerful topical preparation, it Is herb-infused oil enriched with herbs with well-known muscular pain-relieving effects having Emollient, Demulcent, Stimulant, Rubefacient, Anodyne, Resolving Analgesic, and Counter Irritant properties that help restore Mobility produce Anti Septic and Anti-Inflammatory effects

Rhuto Oil ensures uniform lubrication and fomentation on slight massage that leads to deeper Penetration, and better Absorption through the skin and ensures prompt relief, therefore, supporting the relaxation of muscles and relieving pain quickly, it rejuvenates the degenerated Nerve Tissues, providing quick relief, Onset of Action is Prom And helps in effectively reducing muscle soreness and stiffness