Sg Phyto Pharma Me-Cal 60 Tablets

Sg Phyto Pharma Me-Cal 60 Tablets

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About Me-Cal Tablets

BRAND - Sg Phyto Pharma

QTY - 60 Tablets


A bio-preparation

In-vitro, KUKKUTANDTWAK stimulates chondrocyte differentiation & cartilage growth.

In Osteoporosis & Senile Osteoporosis it reduces pain, osteoresorption & increases bone density.

Unique blend of Ca, Mg, Strontium & protein matrix

Each Me-Cal Tablets provides :

95% Ca as Calcium carbonate, 1% Matrix Protein (Ansocalcin), Magnesium & Strontium.

Bio availability of Calcium from Me-Cal is better than CaCo3

Matrix protein enhances Calcium transport

Mg prevents leakage of Calcium from bone

Sr provides an anabolic effect on bone