Sg Phyto Pharma Mebarid 30 Capsules

Sg Phyto Pharma Mebarid 30 Capsules

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About Mebarid Capsules

BRAND - Sg Phyto Pharma

QTY - 30 Capsules

FORM - Capsule

Stops loose motions, and prevents electrolyte losses.

Directly destroys the pathogenic intestinal micro- organisms, and pave way for healthy intestinal flora.

Increases intestinal immune response and builds up resistance against harmful organisms.

Gets rid of amoebic infestations and bacterial infections.

Normalizes gastrointestinal functions.

Mebarid Capsules contain:

Kuda, Daruhalad Bael & Dadimsal: Possesses powerful anti-microbial properties, Destroys amoebic and bacterial invasions.

Jaiphal : Acts as a relaxant.

Mocharas: Soothing, Binding & normalizing properties.

Panchamrit Parpati: Acts as an anti-septic, also known remedy in Ayurveda for normalizing all types of loose motions.

Indications :

Amoebic & Bacillary Dysentery, Diarrhoeas of specific and non-specific origin, Gastroenteritis, Entero-colitis, sprue, Chronic intestinal infections, and infestations.