Torque Ayurveda No Scars Soap 150 Gm

Torque Ayurveda No Scars Soap 150 Gm

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About Torque Ayurveda No Scars Soap 150 Gm

BRAND- Torque Ayurveda

QTY- 150 Gm

FORM- Soap

SHELF LIFE- 36 Months


No Scars Soap is a specially formulated soap for providing blemish-free glowing skin. It gives the right kind of nourishment and moisture to the skin, making it look fairer, softer, and smoother. This product is beneficial for treating all types of scars and marks. It is suitable for all skin types.

  • Reduces scars, marks, blemishes, post-pimple scars, stretch scars, dark circles under the eyes, and burn scars
  • Benefits in conditions like acne, dark spots, freckles, or other skin discolourations