Vasu Shyamla Shampoo 400 Ml

Vasu Shyamla Shampoo 400 Ml

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About Vasu Shyamla Shampoo

BRAND - Vasu

QTY - 400 Ml

FORM - Paste

SHELF LIFE - 36 Months


Shyamla Herbal Hair Shampoo is made from natural ingredients that make Shyamla Herbal Hair Shampoo different from routine shampoos. A unique base makes Shyamla effective even in hard water. Free from synthetic colors, Shyamla helps fight dandruff and provides cleansing to the hair.
Benefits of Shyamla Herbal Hair Shampoo :
100% Free from Synthetic Colors
Unique Double Action Formula
Micro Cleansers ensure Scientific cleansing of hair
Effective even in hard water
Helps check dandruff
Directions for use:
Wet hair and gently apply Shyamla Shampoo on hair and scalp
Work up a rich lather, Rinse. Repeat for best results.