Zandu Mugdha Rasa 35 Tablets (Pack Of 4)

Zandu Mugdha Rasa 35 Tablets (Pack Of 4)

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About Zandu Mugdha Rasa

BRAND - Zandu 

QTY - 4 X 35 Tablets

FORM - Tablet

SHELF LIFE - 48 Months


 Zandu Mugdha Rasa Tablet is an ayurvedic tablet with pesticide-like properties that is used to fumigate grains and pulses and protect them against small insects at home. Used for Vegetables. It contains mercury mixed with chalk which is strong enough to protect the grains and pulses from pests.

Dosage - Tie a Zandu Mugdha Rasa Parad Tablet in a small piece of cloth or gauze. Keep it in the container holding the grains/pulses